Thursday, July 19, 2012

Davide Bertocchi

Davide Bertocchi uses imagery culled from music and science and intentionally manipulates it by imposing unusual and intimate perspectives. His body of work ranges from video to sculpture to sound installations and mainly deals with pseudo-scientific phenomena, such as the dissipation of energy and the movement of information through its “support mechanisms” such as CDs, DVDs, records, and/or magnetic tapes, the orbital movements of planets and galaxies - this useless rotating revolutionary movement and its existential and enigmatic impact on everyday life.

 “EVIL MOLECULA” - 2003 VINYL RECORDS, ALUMINUM TUBES, BLACK SILICONE. VARIABLE DIMENSIONS A gigantic model molecule made up of dodecahedrons created from vinyl records by “satanic” death metal and black metal rock bands, joined together by aluminum tubes. The shape of the structure changes and adapts to the space. This “constructivist” sculpture attempts to render our abstract idea of evil in a physical dimension. Installation view of the solo show at the Italian Cultural Institute, Los Angeles. (work on the wall “Spazio”, 2003.)

130 X 160 X 100 CM

Quadrophenia is a customised zimmer frame. The wheels are made from 2 sizes of vinyl records (the artist teen-age favourite selection) - the result being that the vehicles can only move in circles. The title is taken from the famous 70s cult movie about youth and music culture (specifically the Mods), and about social rebellion.

installation view, Code Uknown at Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Davide Bertocchi was born in Modena, Italy in 1969. 
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