Thursday, June 14, 2018

Moray Hillary

Pre-New Reflective, a series of haunting faceless portraits and sculptural assemblages by Scottish painter Moray Hillary.

Curated by Alison Pierz, the exhibition explores the artist’s personal obsession with the concept of entropy, the fragile decline of youth into old age, and themes of impermanence.

The portraits from Hillary’s current series are a marriage of plastics, made by layering acrylic on vinyl. Due to an overexposure to oil paint several years ago, Hillary was forced to convert to the use of acrylics. His change in medium led to the development of a unique painting process that occurs in phases. First, the hole of the LP is sealed with paper and primer. Then thin diluted layers of pigment in water are pooled and poured over the surface. As a result, the fluids become fossilized under a layer of varnish. Similar to the Old Master technique of glazing, this step-by-step method is repeated until the image is significantly built up with paint layers such that the surface bears resemblance to porcelain or china.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dana Jones

Dana Jones is a sponsored artist and spokesperson for the Cool Kool Shirts shirt brand. Dana creates sculptures he calls "Thots" by melting vinyl records and forming them into abstract shapes.

Through his thot sculptures Dana is conceptually trying to create a pure autonomous concept without any outside influence. 
He is obsess with the idea of being self-made. He wants to have full control over his artistic integrity.

Dana uses vinyl records to create "thots" in order to record his unfiltered concousiness into physical forms. Also vinyl records symbolizes the commercial music industry. A industry that transforms the emotions and narratives of artists into commercial products. By melting down the vinyl and reshaping it, Dana is reshaping this commercial system and making it bend for benefits.

Rhed Fawell

Rhed Fawell is an artist that uses collage, drawing and printmaking to explore the deconstruction of images and a process of re-assemblage to create a poetical narrative.

The pictures create their own stories as they take on a life of their own, forming narratives that are completed in the viewer’s imagination. What the viewer reads into each image is as important as what was in her own head as she constructs them. What is innocent in the eyes of one viewer can appear provocative to another.

Rhed Fawell
is the founder of Edinburgh Collage Collective.
She will present at Vinylism: an international selection of collages from ECC 2018 Open Submission Project. The theme of this year’s project was the vinyl record. Once ubiquitous, now niche, the vinyl record inspired over 200 submissions to the project from artists around the world. ECC has selected over 100 of the best of these for the exhibition. \ \