Monday, April 30, 2018

Tipton's Niptons

Nipple pasties made from vinyl records.
Tipton works‘ has made a name for itself experimenting with the material properties of vinyl. as a result, they were able to launch vinylize, a brand focusing on unique sunglasses.

Branching off of this research the studio has developed ‘tipton’s niptons’, a project that came from CEO zachary tipton’s girlfriend. ‘two years ago, my girlfriend yulia had an epiphany. She said ‘why don’t you make nipple pasties out of vinyl?’ when she said that, I was like, I gotta marry this woman.’ They are now married and after two years of prototyping, the product is finally ready.

The resulting products are fully customizable, allowing customers to send the company their own records with their choice of colored tassels and additional accessories. once they arrive in the workshop, they are shaped with a manual press and formed with a CNC laser cutter.

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