Thursday, March 22, 2018

Georges Monfils

Belgian born (Wilrijk) Georges Monfils was raised in Flemish Belgium and Northern France. He later migrated to the States. By his late teens he was living in New York City and his "old world" heritage became fully exposed to the "factory" (Andy Warhol) cult. Imagine the clash of those roots with the imagery of booming "pop". That’s his style; "nouveau pop".

Although being a self taught painter, he got the help and needed encouragement from many well established artists. His unique layering technique fully developed once he changed his medium to acrylic paints. Those he mixes himself and uses some of his favorite Gauguin paintings as inspiration to create his ever growing color palette.

His work confronts us with the same blunt force as that of a child asking about sex. No topic is "off limit"; let yourself be drawn into the subject matter and your imagination challenged, while execution and color engulf you into his world. \ 

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