Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Rhed Fawell

Rhed Fawell is an artist that uses collage, drawing and printmaking to explore the deconstruction of images and a process of re-assemblage to create a poetical narrative.

The pictures create their own stories as they take on a life of their own, forming narratives that are completed in the viewer’s imagination. What the viewer reads into each image is as important as what was in her own head as she constructs them. What is innocent in the eyes of one viewer can appear provocative to another.

Rhed Fawell
is the founder of Edinburgh Collage Collective.
She will present at Vinylism: an international selection of collages from ECC 2018 Open Submission Project. The theme of this year’s project was the vinyl record. Once ubiquitous, now niche, the vinyl record inspired over 200 submissions to the project from artists around the world. ECC has selected over 100 of the best of these for the exhibition.

Sourcesrhed.co.uk \ rhedfawell.tumblr.com \ edinburghcollagecollective.com

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