Monday, July 30, 2012

Dust and Grooves

Dust & Grooves (D&G) is a photo and interview project documenting and exalting vinyl records, the people who love them, and the musical heritage they carry. With a website launched in October 2008 by Brooklyn-based professional photographer and vinyl addict Eilon Paz, D&G profiles individual collectors from all over the world in their natural environment – usualy at home with their personal collections. Each subject is interviewed in depth about their devotion to vinyl, then each conversation is paired with a beautiful series of portrait photographs by Eilon that capture the heart and soul of this passionate avocation.Together, words and images tell the story of the love affair between collector and collection, and preserve a record of music that otherwise might be lost.

D&G has featured a broad spectrum of vinyl enthusiasts from the US and abroad, making it the only international photo documentary of its kind. Reaching academic music historians and pop culture premiers as well as closet collectors and workaday couples who spin records together at night, Eilon has paid homage to this infatuation and tradition by illuminating one unique collector at a time.

Project Mission: 
Dust & Grooves: The Book will be the culmination of five years of D&G research and records. Select photographs and interviews from the site will be interspersed with an expanded subject pool covering the secret vinyl goldmines of political figures, athletes, fashion moguls, and ever yday joes. A lavish 12”x12” hardbound, full-color volume packaged with a double vinyl LP of music selected by those featured inside, D&G:The Book will profile 25-plus prolific collectors of all stripes with their fascinating troves. Framed by insightful essays and packed with sharp photography, the book will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers, crossing over die-hard vinyl enthusiasts to also reach fans of pop culture, portrait photography, creative interviews, and music history.

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