Friday, February 3, 2017

Fabrizio Trotta

"Vinyl Spectogram", 2016 by Fabrizio Trotta.

Fabrizio Trotta was born in Paola in 1973, in Calabria, where he currently lives and works after a long musical and artistic experience in Milan. He is a self-taught artist, while in his Milanese years he gained a diploma in Sound Engineering in 1994 and a university degree in Computer Science in 2001.For years he significantly undertook such activity of musical composer, arranger and producer. However, this especially gave him the right training to interpret the sound vibrations that he later converted in visual vibrations in his paintings.Fabrizio Trotta modulates soundwaves and frequencies with many materials and textures. His predilection for the materials and the colour, and his wish to involve the use of all our senses, including olfaction, took him to widen his artistic research to minimal paintings, realized with oil, pigments or spices. In this artworks, called “Chromotherapy” and “Chromoaromatherapy”, the colour, in his therapeutic and cathartic function, becomes the unique protagonist being represented as “material rain” through the new and original painting technique called “Spectrogram”, that reproduces on canvas a 3D spectrogram. After he met public approval in Italy and abroad, and with his works featuring in private and public collections, he creates the “Playing Art” in 2008. This is a new concept of a pictorial, dynamic, interactive and subtly playful art, whose potential is closely linked to the possibility of interaction and intervention by the owner/observer on the painting itself.

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