Sunday, August 26, 2012

Jeroen Diepenmaat

Pour des dents d'un blanc ├ęclatant et saines, 2005
record players, birds, metal

Stuffed birds produce sounds on eight record players, their beaks functioning as the pick-up needles. The sound they produce is that of the birds themselves: birdsong recorded on records. In this installation the mediated sound – recorded through a technical medium – is again returned to nature. Only the nature has lost all its naturalness; the birds are no longer alive. Nevertheless, they appear to live, producing the same sounds they once did, seeming to communicate with one another in a vital manner. In this installation the source of the sound is revealed visually – and somewhat disaffectingly.


Jeroen Diepenmaat is a visual (audio) artist/musician with a pronounced partiality for vinyl and its adaptation, lives and works in Deventer (NL)
Project in collaboration with Hans Diepenmaat

More at: \ \ The Record
Photos by Mediateletipos

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