Monday, November 9, 2015


A vinyl record is a sound storage medium that was developed in the early 20th century. people would place the pieces onto the top of a gramophone and gently secure the needle onto its rotating contours so they could listen to their favorite musicians. because of this action, people began to form a connection with their discs, keeping them in pristine condition within their sleeves. since then, time has passed and technology has advanced, labeling vinyl records as ‘retro’ or ‘old school’. bringing back this nostalgia, upstairs shop has taken old vinyl records and applied them to a comb design called ‘grably’

the grooming accessory is available in two versions. the first, called ‘no.15′, has been created with thick teeth and increased spacing between them so they can handle the rugged terrain of curly beards. the second, called ‘no.20′, is the wide tooth comb which features thinner spikes placed closer together within its dimensions for longer hair. decorating each surface are a series of rings that have been maintained in ode to the material’s previous function. simultaneously, this deliberate preservation provides enables a firm grip as the product is in use.


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